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Let our experienced painting contractors in Reno, NV make your upcoming project a success.

If you’re seeking a painting company in Reno, NV that you can count on, look no further: Raider Painting will complete your project on time, within your budget, and equal to or surpassing your expectations. Raider Painting has earned a reputation for excellence as exterior and interior painters in Reno, NV.

What you should know about us.

Raider Painting is known for:

  • Complete interior and exterior painting and coating services
  • A proven track record for high quality and on-site safety
  • Flexible scheduling to keep your business flowing and guests undisturbed
  • Ongoing maintenance programs for repainting and small jobs
  • LEED-certified work
  • Experience in virtually all industrial and commercial sectors — we paint and coat everything except houses
  • Working with many of the largest and most successful organizations in the western U.S., including DoubleTree, Marriott, Union Pacific and Westfield Malls

Our commercial painting in Reno, NV involves extensive work in the hospitality sector, where we handle a multitude of interior and exterior jobs for casinos and hotels. Our work in Reno also includes a busy schedule of projects for high rises, including condos where we work closely with HOAs, and corporate offices where quality standards are uncompromising.

Jobs often involve:

Deck and floor coatings, including waterproof coatings for pools and recreational areas. The Reno sun is hot, but we help keep your guests cool and, more importantly, less likely to slip and fall.

Interior and exterior painting, including wallcoverings and artistic finishes. If you want a fresh, dazzling look for a lobby, gaming area or office suite, let us show you our wide selection of options.

UV protective coatings to shield surfaces and structures from the hot Nevada sun and other sources of corrosion. We can help maximize the durability of your outdoor structures, surfaces and equipment.

FDA approved and USDA approved coatings for kitchen areas in hospitality operations. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about food industry safety regulations and compliance procedures, based not only on our work in hospitality but also on our many customers in the food processing and food manufacturing industries.

See our work in action.

An example of our team in action is at Wyndham Hotels, where one of our projects involved painting the entire exterior of a multi-unit hotel. Special preparation was needed to make the work area safe for pedestrians and cars, and the project itself involved extensive patching, priming, refurbishing and trim work.

You may also find our project work at Circus Circus and the El Dorado to be helpful.

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