Epoxy is hands down some of the toughest coatings on the market. Steel structures, parking decks, factory production floors and machinery are the typical places you will find an epoxy based coating.

Epoxy coatings are known for their high durability, superior adhesion, resistance to heat and chemicals, good-to-excellent mechanical properties, and high electrical insulation properties. When properly applied, epoxy paints can take a beating, and still look good.


Epoxy paints are also highly versatile. The highest performing epoxies are used in marine environments, where they are utilized to resist the corrosive action of seawater.

These coatings are typically used on:

  • Steel (such as handrails and I-beams)
  • Concrete
  • Drywall and masonry

Steel, in particular, is highly susceptible to harsh environmental conditions, which can cause irrevocable deterioration over time. Water and saltwater, sunlight, and extreme hot or cold weather all contribute to the deterioration of steel. Epoxy coatings can protect your steel structural elements by inhibiting rust and corrosion, while at the same time enhancing cosmetic appeal.

Application and Considerations

Epoxy may be applied by brush, roller or trowel, and has excellent adhesion characteristics. Like all paints, adhesion is strongly influenced by preparation and application techniques.

Because UV damage can fade epoxy color and cause chalking, or deterioration, of the material, polyurethane is often applied as a topcoat for epoxy coatings that are exposed to sunlight and UV lighting.

Epoxy is a two-part coating that requires precise timing and application for maximum effectiveness. The experts at Raider Painting have extensive experience working with epoxy and epoxy resins in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. We’ll ensure that your coating is applied right the first time to deliver superior protection.

Epoxy Coatings have a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Our familiarity and knowledge of epoxy resins, as well as all facets of commercial and industrial painting, ensures that your painting needs will be handled with exceptional precision.