Chemical Resistant
Deck Coatings

Project Name
Undertaking Concrete Coatings

Creator Los Angeles Area

Death Care

Services Performed
Chemical Resistant Deck Coatings

Project Value
$100k - $250k

Project Timeline
2 months

Project Technical Rating

Client Needs

A busy mortuary contacted us to demolish, replace, and coat a concrete floor in a second-floor embalming and staging area, without interrupting the flow of business or endangering clientele. The floor was directly above a client area, so it had to be kept waterproof and watertight.

This project presented several challenges and a few first-time situations for us, which we met through extensive research, solid preparation work, and constant communication with the client.


The Challenges

Some of the difficulties associated with this project included:


Unusual Environment

The area we worked in is used to prepare bodies for burial, a situation that is not often encountered on job sites.


Concealed Structures

A sand mortar aggregate deck and embedded, unused pipes were discovered beneath the existing flooring, of which the client had been unaware.


Business Flow

The nature of this industry required extra considerations toward the clientele, including noise and contamination control.


Unique Specifications

Because of the nature of the work done in the area, the finished floor had to be able to withstand formaldehyde.

Our Solution

Our professional crew consulted with the mortuary staff and took special precautions to address the health concerns of the environment. The unexpected sand mortar aggregate deck beneath the existing flooring was incompatible with the specified coating application. The floor had to be resloped to meet project specifications.

We alerted the client of the old, unused pipes embedded in the concrete slab beneath the deck, which had to be removed by the mortuary.

We shot-blasted the floor with a Blastrac machine, which vacuums dust to prevent it from entering the business environment. We also used plastic sheeting as a secondary preventative measure against dust and contamination.

Our crew built curbs, poured the new floor, and added new drains. Gaps were filled with epoxy, and reblasting was performed to permit additional adhesion for the sealant.

Several coats of specialized polymer epoxy, sand, and glaze were applied to seal and finish the floor. Our crew researched and located a formaldehyde-resistant coating and applied it to the floor.

Project Outcome (completed 2011)

The new floor of the embalming and staging area was completed within two months, according to the project schedule and within the mortuary’s budget. The client was extremely satisfied with the results, and business operations were not interrupted during the project. No fumes or dust contaminated the environment, and our crew remained respectful and diligent throughout the process.

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