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 The City’s dredge is in constant use cleaning & dredging the bottom of it’s various waterways. The dredge was experiencing vast corrosion issues that was taking a toll on the integrity of the substrate. We suggested a corrosion control system that would last in the harsh outdoor environments this machine is subjected to on a daily basis. We required that the City dry dock the unit to allow us full access to all surfaces. First, we shrink wrapped the entire unit to avoid bi-blast & over-spray to the surrounding area and structures. We prepped the surfaces by sandblasting and then applying a zinc primer, which serves as a drying agent to maintain dryness in the coating and won’t allow rust to reappear. Finally, we applied epoxy & polyurethane, as well as an aggregate to the walkway surfaces for an added slip coefficient. The client was so pleased with our work and level of service, we have been hired to for multiple other projects over the past few years.  

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