Green Dot Schools – Inglewood

Green Dot Schools is the leading independent non-profit public school operator in Los Angeles and one of the top three largest in the nation. The U.S. Department of Education has featured Green Dot as a national leader in school turnarounds. Naturally, the school wanted their facilities to be fresh and clean to promote their educational goals so they hired Raider for the job. We painted the exterior of the building, including railings, wrought iron gates, monument sign and the covered walkway. We prepped the surfaces by pressure washing, caulking and patching cracks, stripe coating of patches with Elastomeric and spot priming. For the finish coats, we applied 2-3 coats of Sherwin Williams A-100 to stucco surfaces and Sherwin Williams industrial grade metal paint to metal surfaces. We also re-coated and re-striped various parking areas. We prepped the surfaces by shot blasting to remove the existing coating and patching cracks as needed, while other areas were power washed with 8500 biodegradable cleaner and mechanical scrubbing. For the coating system, we applied a Neogard primer coat at 200 sf/gal, followed by a base coat of Neogard FC7500/FC7960 polyurethane coating at 80 sf/gal. Next we applied a wear coat of Neogard FC7510/FC7961 polyurethane at a rate of 133 sf/gal and broadcast an aggregate for a slip coefficient. Last, a final top coat application of Neogard FC7510/FC7961 polyurethane at a rate of 100-133 sf/gal. The final touch was to re-stripe the parking area with stalls and other applicable directional markings.

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