National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

We were contacted by an HVAC Fan manufacturer Toro-Aire with a big problem. They were just days away from the opening of a new NOAA high tech weather research facility in La Jolla CA that had been put on hold because because a necessary exhaust fans coating had failed and the rust forming on the machine was becoming airborne and threatening other high end machinery. We applied a specialty DTM product to create a great finish and with a total of 3 coats the longevity of the finish will allow for years of operation.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Raider saved the day and the client was able to present the finished project on time.

"Note-worthy company. They bailed me out of a critical failed fan coating issue here in San Diego at NOAA and deserve a plug. The Project Manager was not intimidated by the job and even helped with professional documentation to help build a case against the coating contractors that performed the work for the factory. His guys in the field were awesome as well."

-J.P., Project Manager, Toro-Aire

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