Santa Monica Pier & Pacific Amusement Park

Protecting Santa Monica's public attractions

At the Santa Monica Pier, we applied corrosion control coatings in multiple areas of the Pacific Parks Amusement Park. This historic attraction is situated in an extremely harsh environment, with high humidity and constant exposure to salt water. To protect the steel structures supporting the pier and situated throughout the park, we applied phenolic epoxy with a polyurethane top coat. Surface preparation is an essential step in ensuring effectiveness, so we used a blasting technique prior to coating. With limited access to the steel ride supports beneath the pier and between pylons, we bolted scaffolding to the pier’s underside for safety, and used encapsulation to prevent contamination of the surrounding environment. In addition to the ride structures, we coated the crane at the end of the pier with epoxy coating and polyurethane. Here, we also employed full encapsulation to keep contaminants out of the environment and away from the park’s guests.

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