Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant – Tank

At this massive water treatment facility, we painted the exterior of the BAC Backwash Tank, Emergency Generators and the Facility 10 transformer. Additionally, we provided tank lining for the steel BAC backwash tank. This project required a confined space permit and negative air system, as well as stand by rescue workers and equipment in order to perform the work safely. First we drained the tank and sand blasted the tank floor and sides to SSPC-SP7 (brush blast) to completely remove the prior coating, and SSPC-SP10 (near white blast) to rusted areas. We prepped the tank roof & support to SSPC SP2/3 (hand tool cleaning) and made spot repairs to rusting areas. Then we applied the client specified materials, NF61 approved paint, at 8-14 mils thick.

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White Brick Texture