Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort

Raider painted the entire exterior of this multi unit hotel. We had multiple crews working on this project to meet the projected timeline. Safety is always a concern, and particularly with an exterior project where heights are a factor. We performed our regular safety meetings as well as periodic visits from our safety manager to ensure all safety protocols were being met. Additionally, pedestrian tunnels were constructed and sections cordoned off to restrict public access. To facilitate access to the various areas of the building, extensive scaffolding was constructed and large boom lifts were used as needed. For crack repairs, we applied elastomeric caulking, followed with an elastomeric patch, spot prime & finish coat. We also refurbished various corner beads by sanding, applying a rust inhibiting primer and finish coat. Sonneborn 150 sealant was applied to areas as specified. We painted all stucco, trim, metal flashing, exterior metal doors, gutters, downspouts and electrical boxes. First we pressure washed the surfaces, spot primed with Luxon Primer and followed with a finish coat of Sherwin Williams A-100 to match existing colors. Balcony floors were pressure washed, sanded and we applied Armor Seal Tread-Plex at the client’s request. Wood canopies were sanded, primed and painted.  

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