Coatings applied by professional floor and deck-coating contractors such as Raider Painting also protect your business by creating a barrier against substrate damage caused by water and/or chemical seepage, as well as insulating against static electricity buildup. For the best protection, it’s imperative that proper prep work is done to remove existing contaminants while ensuring adhesion and the new coating’s durability. As experienced and highly qualified floor coating contractors, Raider Painting takes pride in providing the highest-quality preparation and work — with absolutely no shortcuts.

Coated decks and floor are easy to clean and maintain. We’ll also paint safety striping, traffic lane markings, and warning signs on your highly trafficked floors that won’t fade through wear, to help protect staff.

Is your deck or flooring worn, faded or patchy? Upgrade the look of your facility and improve safety for your staff and customers with a skillfully applied deck coating from the pros at Raider Painting. Contact us today!