A professional floor coating also protects your investment by guarding against substrate damage due to water and chemical seepage, as well as static electricity build up. For the best protection, it’s essential that proper prep work is done to remove existing contaminants and ensure adhesion and durability of the new coating. At Raider Painting, we pride ourselves on high quality preparation and work—with no shortcuts.


Deck and floor coatings promote ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as function. We’ll also paint safety striping, traffic lane markings, and warning signs on your highly trafficked floors that won’t fade through wear, to help ensure staff safety.

We’re familiar with the challenges associated with deck and floor coatings, and we’ll work with you to ensure minimal business interruption and maximum satisfaction.

Is your deck or flooring worn, faded, or patchy? Upgrade the look of your facility and improve safety for your staff and customers with a skillfully applied deck coating from the pros at Raider Painting.

Deck & Floor Coatings Services