Anti-Corrosion Elastomeric Coatings

June 22, 2009

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Consumers often look for elastomeric painting products that can withstand damages brought by the environment, or what is commonly known as corrosion. Generally, coatings that have corrosion-resistance and control can slow the deterioration of surfaces, extending the service life of coated materials.

Anti-corrosion coatings in the market these days address corrosion with varying levels of effectiveness, but often there are certain drawbacks to their abilities to deliver complete performance. For one, many corrosion control products release high amounts of solvent into the air during coating applications, falling short in complying with EPA regulations. At the same time, environmentally-safe materials are commonly water-based and have limitations too when it comes to providing chemical resistance, particularly in containers with highly-corrosive substances.

The same problem is true with some acrylics-based and ordinary elastomeric painting products, which lack chemical resistance despite being less-expensive, quick-curing, and durable. Other products may offer good chemical resistance, but are not flexible enough for long periods of service.

This urges many paint manufacturers to research and design the elastomeric painting product that can address all these issues and offer the most effective anti-corrosion control, all in one product.

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