Custom Concrete Finish for Repairs

December 24, 2009

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Customizing concrete finish to add appeal to any room in the facility is one of the most sought-after applications that facility managers require. Concrete is strong and durable, and when customized into eye-catching patterns and designs, the concrete finish enhances the pleasing aspect of any facility area.

Customization of concrete finish may involve the use of practical application techniques that are simple but easy to use. On still-wet concrete surfaces, a trowel or rake ran across the surface will create ridges or etches that results to traction-filled and skid-proof concrete finish flooring. Decorative coating procedures such as acid staining, mosaic tilings, and the like, are more complicated to execute. But the complexity in the application gives greater choices in the quality of desired concrete finish.

What exactly is the benefit derived from custom concrete finish? The major benefit will be that concrete finish eliminates the need for replacement whenever the surface is damaged. Replacement is cost-prohibitive, with location as one of the major logistical hassles. With replacement, adjacent areas of the facility may be affected by the replacement work. But not so in repair works. Repairing custom concrete finish involves fixing the affected concrete surface only, with little impact to the surrounding area, and a retouch of surface sealers and top coats to restore the surface.

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