Wilshire Comstock

 In 1999, Raider Painting used elastomerics to coat the exterior of the Wilshire Comstock, a twin 22-story high rise in Los Angeles. The client was thrilled with the results, and the building retained its first-rate appearance until 2011—when the Wilshire Comstock asked us to come back to revitalize the building’s exterior. Prior to beginning the application, we implemented an extensive swing stage to ensure complete access to all surfaces of the towers. We also performed extensive surface preparation on the exterior walls to ensure superior coating adhesion. In addition, we demoed the exterior tile from all of the balconies in order to install stucco, and applied silicone strip to the reveals. We worked closely with Frazee, the manufacturer of the Elastomeric, to ensure the client was provided a 10 year warranty on the exterior waterproof coating.

"Fourteen years ago I hired Raider Painting to perform the difficult job of waterproofing the exterior of our twin 22-story high rise buildings. It was our experience that their work could not have been better. We were more than pleased. When our Board of Directors chose Raider to perform the elastomeric waterproofing last year, I knew their choice was right, once again. The job was done on time, on budget and we were extremely pleased with the finished product. Raider Painting will continue to be our first choice when selecting a painting contractor."

B.T. | General Manager, The Wilshire Comstock

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