New Maintenance Needs Spur a Hybrid of Industrial and Architectural Coatings

May 15, 2013

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High performance industrial coatings are used to protect large scale infrastructure. These include corrosion resistant coatings and concrete coatings, amongst others. They protect bridges and industrial floors from corrosion, abrasion and chemicals.

The architectural coatings market is demanding more sustainable architectural coatings with the durability and protection properties of proven industrial coatings. This has spurred a bout of innovation that has brought about new, improved coatings that fulfill both industrial and architectural expectations.

The Master Painters Institute (MPI) and the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) are pushing for higher standards and quality to increase the durability and sustainability of these products that are essential for structure maintenance.

There has been a slow but steady migration from the industrial coatings market to architectural coatings. This is due to the higher durability of the industrial materials, which increases the time span between maintenance rounds, waterborne systems with less VOC and lower odor. Of course, they also need to look good.

The combination of the aesthetic qualities of architectural coatings and the durability of industrial coatings has rendered the next generation of coatings with higher resistance and the qualities of architectural coatings like color retention, low VOCs and odor, low sheen, and a fast return-to-service time– otherwise known as green painting.

As this paint technology continues to improve, industrial coatings will be further incorporated into the architectural coatings market. This hybrid could render a whole new generation of paint and coatings that satisfy even more maintenance needs.

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