Tips For Refinishing Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Patio

May 16, 2019

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An outdoor deck can be a great way for a restaurant to set itself apart from the competition. People love to dine or drink alfresco. When you offer seating outside, you can expect big crowds on beautiful days. The problem with this is that unless you take proper care of them, your open-air areas can become dingy and dirty in a hurry. That’s why a regular maintenance plan is important.

Here are some tips for keeping your restaurant’s outdoor space as attractive and appealing as possible by refinishing it.

1. Come Up With a Plan

Your deck doesn’t get any days off from the elements. If it’s not being buffeted by rain or snow, the sun is scorching it. Dirt, grime and mold build up no matter what the weather is like. As a responsible owner or operator, you should keep this in mind and create a schedule to refinish it. At least once a year, give it a good power washing and decking treatment. This will not only keep it looking nice, but also help it last longer and cut down on maintenance costs.

2. Give It a Clean Sweep

Before applying any deck coating, it’s important to sweep and clean it. When choosing a cleanser, make sure it is formulated for the specific type of wood. You may need to treat any mold or mildew first before cleaning the rest of the area. Be sure to pay attention to the spaces between the slats, scraping any dirt or debris with a putty knife.

3. Apply Deck Waterproofing or Stain

Refinishing your outdoor seating area with a fresh coat of deck waterproofing or stain does a lot for it. First and foremost, it makes the wood look cleaner and newer. This means it will continue to be an attractive space for your customers. Your deck also gains the benefit of a longer life span. When professional painting contractors apply these coatings, they extend the life of the wood and protect it against external conditions.

Follow these tips, and your restaurant’s open-air space can continue to be a powerful differentiator. Keep your deck a place where your customers will love to spend long, leisurely lunches and many happy hours.

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