In any commercial or industrial setting, extensive foot traffic and heavy machinery lead to massive wear and tear on your flooring, and can even result in structural damage. With the additional damage caused by harsh chemicals and spills, your floors and decks are under constant, relentless assault.

Epoxy formulations have been an essential component in the building industry for more than half a century. This tough-as-nails coating can withstand a lot of traffic and abuse, protecting the underlying substrate from the damage-inducing agents that are common in commercial and industrial environments. In addition to their exceptional mechanical and insulating qualities, epoxy coatings are extremely resistant to chemicals and heat. They also carry impressive adhesive capabilities, which translate into decks and flooring that remain intact longer, even under intense physical strain.

While some coating applications are suitable only for certain types of surfaces, epoxy coatings can be applied with equal effectiveness to nearly any deck or flooring material, from concrete to steel.

Fast-dry epoxy can be particularly beneficial in facilities’ where production or other downtime must be avoided. With reduced drying times, the project can be completed sooner to prevent interruption of your facility’s operations.

Regardless of the type of deck coating used, we’ll work around your operating schedule—including nights, weekends, and holiday work, as well as a rotating schedule for critical areas—so you can keep things running during the coating process.

Working with epoxy resins requires precise preparation and timing, or the effectiveness is greatly reduced. Our vast experience with epoxy and fast-dry epoxy coatings ensures that your floors are done right the first time.

There are also certain circumstances where an epoxy coating is not the best choice. We’ll work with you to determine the optimal deck or floor coating solution for your facility, whether it’s epoxy-based coating, elastomerics, or concrete seals and finishes.

When it comes to epoxy deck coatings, rely on the experts at Raider Painting to apply a durable, highly protective epoxy coating that will serve your facility for years to come.