Kaiser Permanente

We’ve worked on a few different locations for Kaiser Permanente. In Palm Desert, we provided prep and a complete exterior repaint and applied industrial grade DTM (direct-to-metal) steel structural coatings to eyebrows, metal trellis’ and doors. At the Elk Grove facility we applied deck coatings in several machine rooms. To prep the substrate, we diamond grinded the floor and patched cracks with 100% solids epoxy. Then we applied Neogard FC7500/FC7960 as a waterproofing membrane, followed by an intermediate coat of NeoGard 70714/70715 Epoxy. Next we broadcast 16/30 Silica for Anti‐Slip properties and applied a finish coat of NeoGard 70714/70715 Epoxy. Additionally, we installed a radius cove and cove base to 4” AFF.

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