Wood Exterior Coatings Options

May 27, 2010

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Many construction projects involving wood exteriors occur particularly in the northern parts of the country down to the mid-West regions. Exterior painting contractors face a different set of challenges in using coatings and finishing suitable for wood exteriors.

Thankfully, aside from traditional stain finishes that used to be the common applicable solution for wooden exteriors, there are now water-borne coatings suitable for wood. Regulation-driven VOC limits aside, water-borne solutions are found to perform well on wood surfaces, almost at par with oil- or solvent-based formulations.

Stains may be the popular choice for wood exteriors, but paints are now gaining acceptance for wooden surface applications. For one, stains are vulnerable to harsh climates, while a plethora of weather-resistant thick-film painting products are available. On the other hand, depending on geography, people choose stains out of tradition or habit, such as the stain preference in most of New England. Also, exterior painting contractors acknowledge that damaged wood surfaces are better and artfully concealed by stains than by paints.

Stain or paint, exterior painting contractors advice building owners to often seek the highest-performing products as a basis for choosing. Quality should get the highest priority. That is why the use of combined stains and paints in exterior building projects are also increasing in number.

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