*A380 Fire Dept. Trainer at KDFW

Corrosion control for intensive disaster training facility at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

Sandblasting and exterior application of rust prohibitive primer to A380 mockup designed for Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (KDSW) airport fire department/rescue training. The mockup was moved to the airport and was so large it required 8 semi trucks to move it to DSW and was worthy of a local news report due to its immense size. Once reassembled at KDSW, we applyied a top coat to the wings, fuselage & elevator. The DFW Airport Fire Training Research Center (FTRC) first began training airport fire fighters in 1994 with opening of the DFW Fire Training Center. The FTRC has trained fire fighters nationally and internationally and has become a global leader in Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) training. Currently, the FTRC has trained approximately 20,000 fire fighters from 42 states and 37 countries.

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