California’s Paint Stewardship Program

November 29, 2012

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Part 2: The benefits of recycling paint

Recently, the state of California has enacted a new law that affects the commercial and industrial painting industry, as well as consumers and home improvement. The state’s paint stewardship program, called the PaintCare Program, is a hazardous waste management program that was created with the goal of making it easier and more cost-effective to recycle or safely dispose of unused paint.

In addition to helping protect the environment, these new measures also introduce cost-saving initiatives for businesses and commercial painting contractors.

How the PaintCare Program serves the environment

Recycling paint and proper disposal has typically been a challenge for home users, as well as commercial and industrial painting contractors. There have been a limited number of facilities accepting paint, and for most homes or businesses, getting to a collection site was costly in terms of time and travel.

With the PaintCare Program hazardous waste management initiative, multiple collection sites will open across the state of California, including retail collection facilities that offer longer and more convenient hours and locations. This will reduce the amount of unused paint that is sitting around, waiting for disposal—which not only reduces fume emissions, but also helps mitigate the possibility of environmental damage due to paint spills.

Not just recycling: The recycled paint initiative

In California, state agencies are required to use products that contain at least 50% post-consumer paint, through the Public Contract Code (PCC), Section 12203. Local government agencies are also encouraged to take this environmentally friendly step.

With the PaintCare hazardous waste management program, it will be easier and more cost-effective for commercial painting contractors to obtain and use post-consumer recycled paint. Since more people will be participating in recycling paint, the availability of recycled latex paint will increase, and costs will decrease.

Industrial and commercial painting contractors who are concerned about the environment should take advantage of the benefits offered by California’s paint stewardship program. Ask your contractors about their current policies for responsible disposal and recycling paint, and be sure to hire a commercial painting company who adheres to these new laws.


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